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iE’s Learning Framework, which is based on Unity’s Authorized Training Partner program, employs a spiral approach to learning where learners repeat a series of activities, each building upon each other, so by the end of the learning experience they have reached the stated goals and objectives. This framework helps maximize the learner’s ability to grasp coding and programming concepts and apply them in the context of a project:

Activity > Technical Steps >

Experiment > Feedback

  • Activity

    • The Activity is the goal of what learners will do and create, for example create a scene.

    • The outcome for each activity is to learn the technical skills needed to complete the activity.

  • Technical Steps

    • Instructors demonstrate the technical steps needed to complete the activity.

  • Experiment

    • To conclude technical steps and to apply the skills they just learned, instructors ask learners to experiment using those skills to create something new or different.

  • Feedback

    • Instructors continually assess the learners to make sure they have grasped the skills and are ready to move on to the next activity.

    • Instructors constantly collect feedback, so that they can use it to continually refine the content and learning experience - making adjustments if it seems steps or concepts are too hard or too easy for a learning experience.